Why did the “Adam west” batman come to be?

May 30, 2012 in Misc, Taylor by TeeCue


Don’t get me wrong, when I was a kid, I watched the SHIT out of the show (saaaaaaaame bat time, saaaaaaaame bat channel). I truly enjoyed it! Batman was almost always kicking ass, with things like “POW” “ZONK” “ZAP” flashing on the screen (that’s how you know batmans punches are for real).┬áThis was also how I learned onomatopoeia. This would change my life. Forever.

Powerful stuff.

But back on topic, Adam West batman is goofy, silly, an obsessive labeller and overall a nice dude:

"some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!" -Batman (Yes that is an actual quote)

I want to know more about this batmans backstory! Did THIS one watch his parents get shot in a backalley in gotham city? He certianly doesnt seem deeply troubled and emotionally scarred (but whateves, its not like witnessing such violence at a young age has any negative emotional side effects!)

well...there may be SOME exceptions

But maybe Adam West Batman is actually the most hardcore of all the versions of batman. An emotionless automaton with no fear of sharks or bombs or any combination of the two.

Maybe his eyebrows are traced on as a tribute to his MURDERED PARENTS

This batman doesn’t have the brooding darkness to him. He seems pretty happy-go-lucky, ready to face whatever comes at him next! Yay sunshine and rainbows!

Seriously though, Bruce Wayne witnesses the straight up murder of his parents, so he dedicates his life to defeating crime on the streets of Gotham city, dressed as a bat. Terrifying the piss out of all who oppose him.


…ya mayyyyyybe not so much

Also this joker is the WORST joker. The. WORST.


LOOK AT THE MOUSTACHE! Why paint OVER it?!?! The result is the most disturbing clown in the history of disturbing clowns. It looks like the grossest texture. Ewwwwwwww

Adam west batman: silly as shit